Week 4 Project Update: Final Week!

Hey ya’ll, I’m Grace and this month I took on the challenge to set myself up to become a successful sales rep in 30 days. In this project, I landed a job as a sales rep, traveled with the company to work a booth at a trade show, networked at mixers with new and existing clientele, created leads lists for my area, made cold email sequences, and presented material to clientele.

Check out full project here.

Creating A Landing Page

Over the course of the month, I’ve been constructing a landing page outline to slowly fill in with the content of the project. The landing page will be a “portfolio” segment on my website. I spent this week going back and editing all my documentation posts and updates and linking them to my outline. I also took the time to fill out the project page with strong copy to present what I accomplished this month.

Presentation Portfolio

After meeting and discussing sales with seasoned sales reps at the Iges Trade show, it became clear I needed a presentation binder or software set up. Some reps told me to do it all as a physical binder, others told me everything should be on the cloud so I could access it whenever it was applicable.

They were both right. I chose to make a folder on my ThinkPad with several subcategories.

  • Database of all past prints
  • 2022 catalog 
  • 2022 brewery catalog 
  • Order sheets
  • Price list 

Then I requested fabric samples to put in a mini binder, so I could still show off the actual quality of our merchandise in person. But having it all on the ThinkPad and copies in my dropbox, I can access everything no matter where I am from my phone or computer.

The other major advantage of the think pad is the touch screen and screen pen. I can draw right on images or presentations and make notes. That way I never forget any details I need from the customers.

Additional Content

This week I also wrote out more content based on sales lessons I’ve learned. I wrote an article on how to naturally make sales, in person, without a script. To talk about different soft skills I’ve picked up over the years of customer service and working in sales this month.

Check out the article here!

I also created videos to help document my project and link to my landing page.

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