How I Grew Instagram Story Engagement By 206% In A Month

Keeping three important steps in mind

By: Grace Gurley 

While I was working as a bartender and server for a local brewing company, my coworker and I were brainstorming how to get in more people on a slow night. We concluded that Instagram would be helpful. An Instagram would give us exposure, and allow clientele to interact with our “new items on tap” lists when they went up. To our shock, we found out the business had an account but hadn’t used it in over a year. I emailed a pitch to the owner on how I could grow the page, and he gave me access to all accounts. Here’s how I grew the story engagement by 206%.


Engaging Content

Likewise, with stories, users are more apt to remember a story they participated in. You can have polls, rate scales, question boxes, and more on your stories. Not only do these practices engage, but it’s an invaluable insight into what your followers want to see from you. Picking your followers’ brains with playful questions, stories are a great place for conversations with your customers.

Whenever a new beer comes onto our tap list I’d post it on the mainstream and repost it to the story with a question or poll. This way followers would have two chances to see anything new. Additionally, it helped us see what beers most excited our clients.

Promoting Your Instagram

Engaging and consistent content is great, but people need to know about it. You can grow your following or re-engage stagnant followers in person and through tags online. 

In-person engagement driving came mainly from my front-of-house staff and me. I put the Instagram handle on the door, the hostess stand, and right above the bar tap list. Whenever a table asked about new beer or food promotion, we would guide them to the Instagram page. If any of us took a picture for a table we would tell them to tag us and repost them to our story. Not only was this effective, but it was also fun. Customers loved to be included and see their faces supporting their favorite beer or brewery. 

Importance of Social Media Growth

In the modern world, it’s important to grow in relevancy with your brand. Growing that Instagram page taught me how valuable it is to have your brand constantly put out there. In 1 month we saw an increase in nightly diners and drinkers, got tagged at least once a night, and had people walk in the door asking to try our newest beer. We saw the direct impact of having social media outlets on the business. When I started managing the page, stories were getting between 35-50 views, by the end of the month every story was being viewed by 300+ accounts. It created a fun way to communicate with and engage with all our regulars and large clientele base. 

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